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The Council

LB Bromley has developed an excellent reputation as a stable, well-managed and efficient local authority.

We have good track record of delivering high quality services and achieving value for money, and this has enabled us to minimise additional Council Tax burdens on our community.

You are encouraged to read our Transforming Bromley Roadmap in detail. This will give you an excellent insight into the ambitious work already underway and the priorities that we are working towards. We have identified a number of key activities that will enable us to achieve our overarching vision:

The London Borough of Bromley is a fantastic place to live and work, where everyone can lead healthy, safe and independent lives in supportive communities.

These activities include:

  • Developing place-based leadership with our partners
  • Ensuring we have the right leadership, management and workforce in place
  • Managing demand and aligning our resources to areas of greatest need
  • Promoting and facilitating community empowerment
  • Becoming a successful commissioner and broker of public services for innovative service delivery
  • Increasing economic growth and improving the public realm
  • Improving the public realm, maintaining our green spaces and promoting economic growth
  • Influencing growth and reform across London and beyond

Councillor Colin Smith is the Leader of the Council.

The Council’s senior leadership team is made up of the Chief Executive and eight directors.


The current political administration of the Council is as follows:

  • Conservative: 50
  • Labour:            8
  • Independent:   2